Elemental Daily Practices for 165 days

I’ve been known to be a Sadhana Junkie, moving from one 33, 40 or 90 day sadhana to the next. Sadhana is a personal spiritual practice or ritual done daily for a period of time. My personal meditation practice has always helped me find peace, happiness and stability, especially in times of chaos. The power of repeating of a daily morning practice several days in a row is the simplicity of repetition. The subconscious mind is accessed by repeating the same routine over and over again, allowing a deep sense of surrender and peace. 


Most successful people have a morning ritual performed daily and attribute discipline as the key component. There is much debate on the exact amount of time is takes to establish a new habit. Some say 21, 30, 90 days or 6 months. I believe it is individual and not a universal specific amount of time that works for everyone. For me, the number 33 is powerful and my number of alignment. I spent 33 days in silence and the number 33 appears often in my daily life as a reminder to stay in the magic of the moment. 


Nature is the essence of all life. We embody all of the elements yet we often see nature as separate from who we are. Our world is crying out for support of Mother Earth. I’ve created these elemental practices as a means to embody the power of the elements to bring balance, clarity, peace and vitality into daily life. 


I am committing to the Elemental Daily Practices for 165 days starting on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 with the super full moon. The Full moon peaks around 12:30am PST on January 2nd. I will start with 33 days of Earth to set the foundation and then 33 days of water to trust in the flow, followed by 33 days of fire to increase vitality before the Spring Equinox. Then I’ll do 33 days of Air to add wind to my wings and then finally 33 days of Ether, which is my “go-to” practice for balance and bliss. 

To keep myself committed to the daily practice for 165 days straight, I’m allowing Sundays to be a “meditation only” day, in which I’ll fast forward the practice and only do the last 11 minutes of meditation. I am also allowing myself the liberty of choosing “meditation only” if I am not feeling well physically. However, I will do the meditations every day and the whole practice the majority of days. During the process I will write about my experiences at least once every 11 days and I will post on Instagram regularly. 


Please join me for Daily Elemental Practice starting January 2, or whenever you feel inspired! If you are wanting to kick an old habit the curb, replace it with a healthy one. Swami Satyananda said it is more beneficial to do a short practice daily than a 90 minute class a few times a week. These practices are intended to enhance your life, and are not meant replace your favorite yoga classes or fitness routines. 


The time is now, why wait!

With Love,

Julie Rader