Post Earth sadhana and flowing with Water...

Wow what a month! I am now on day 11 of the Water sadhana. During the 33 days of my Earth sadhana, we had a super full moon and blue moon eclipse. Usually my sensitive Pisces self is scattered, clumsy and overwhelmed at the full moon, especially a super moon and/or eclipse! However, I felt more grounded during the intensity of the moon. I noticed I was busier than ever, but not feeling as rushed. The kids often joined me for the meditation part and sat quietly and peacefully.

It was magical. The cats however, were not as still an peaceful! My priorities became crystal clear and so I am now looking to move to a new home. It is a very busy time as I am now looking for a new home on top of my schedule. At first, I felt like I should continue with the Earth Sadhana to stay grounded while I search, pack and move. Ultimately, I decided to stick with the 33 day plan and am so grateful to be onto the water sadhana.

I am feeling a sense of ease and trusting in the flow. Also, I am realizing how much serenity I feel from seeing the water so I’m looking for a place with a view of nature. My son, Samson, has requested an ocean view so I am trusting in God (or the universe, whatever you want to call it) to bring us our perfect new place.