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Fulfill your highest potential with integrated tools for mindful living - yoga, meditation and astrology. 

Events and Classes

Weekly Classes

Fridays 10:15-11:40am at Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach. For more information visit:

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Events and Workshops

Meditation Workshop: February 9, 2019 12:30-2:30pm at Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach.

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Master Class: March 23, 2019 4-6pm at The Yoga Harbor in Torrance. Please note, this is not a teacher training. Space is limited! To sign up visit:

The Yoga Harbor Website

Retreats and Trainings

Join me for an empowering women’s retreat in May 17-19, 2019 in Ojai, CA. 

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Join me in Kona June 18-30, 2019 for a 100-hour yoga embodiment training appropriate for teachers or students who want to deepen their understanding of themselves through the practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation. 

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Mental and Physical Training for Athletes

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We offer curated tools and resources that allow anyone to commit to a daily mindfulness practice for enhancing performance, efficiency, and focus.

Most successful people have one thing in common – they stick to a routine.

Invite a new habit that will improve your quality of life and increase your productivity.

What is an Elemental 33: Daily Practice?

Commit to 33 days of meditation, breath work and movement based on the energies of the 5 elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. 

You can choose the Elemental 33 Daily Practice that describes what you need most in your life or try all five. 

The benefits will manifest in your life whether you are a beginner or experienced yoga and meditation practitioner.

Elemental 33: Daily Practices

EARTH – Manifest

Focus your mind and body on grounding so you can manifest your intentions. 

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WATER - Surrender

Focus your mind and body on going with the flow so you can surrender anything that is no longer serving you. $33

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FIRE - Vitality

Focus your mind and body on empowerment so you can meet every day with increased vitality. 

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AIR - Freedom

Focus your mind and body on energetic expansion so you can find freedom in your thoughts and actions.

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ETHER - Peace

Focus your mind and body on balance so you can mindfully unify your thoughts, actions and emotions. 

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Integrate the benefits of all 5 elements into a daily practice lasting 165 days. 

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Post Earth sadhana and flowing with Water...

Wow what a month! I am now on day 11 of the Water sadhana. During the 33 days of my Earth sadhana, we had a super full moon and blue moon eclipse....

Elemental Daily Practices for 165 days

I’ve been known to be a Sadhana Junkie, moving from one 33, 40 or 90 day sadhana to the next. Sadhana is a personal spiritual practice or ritual d...

The Gift Of Gratitude: How To Have A Truly Happy Thanksgiving

Often times during Thanksgiving we are concerned with staying in shape and making sure we get in our workout before the big meal. I teach a yoga...


I loved working with Julie and Bethany with some of my teammates with the US National Soccer Team. When we are training hard for soccer, our bodies can get tight and our minds can get busy. Julie and Bethany were awesome at helping us get more flexible, stronger, and more balanced. They really took the time to get a feel for what we needed individually, and it helped me tremendously. Now, I really love yoga, and I have a much deeper appreciation for the practice.

Professional Soccer Player, Heather O'Reilly

I have had the good fortune to work with many many yoga teachers throughout the years but Julie Rader is by far my favorite. Julie has a beautiful sweet disposition. She is a scholar of Yoga and if it is desired will gracefully and effortlessly educate about the yogic positions and principles throughout the sessions. She would move me through a slower de-stressing practice when I was feeling overwhelmed in my life- always bringing me back to my breathing. After those sessions I would feel like an anvil had been lifted from my back .When I needed more energy she would bring me through a more invigorating and energizing practice. Leaving me feeling ready to take on the next tasks.

Julie is a balanced and sweet person and I think this is important when you are working with someone closely and spiritually. Her meditations are powerful and deep. I couldn't recommend her more highly to anyone. Julie is a healer and an angel.

Patricia Arquette